Bigfoot comes to Stilwell for the OK Bigfoot Symposium

Bigfoot came into Stilwell, OK today to get ready for the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium on March 11th, 2023 at CC Camp, just south of Stilwell, OK, for maps to the location, look to the top menu for the maps.

Bigfoot did some shopping at Wal-Mart today, those brave enough to venture near him got a coupon for a free Indian Taco with a paid admission at the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium.

He picked up some dog food for those pesky coyotes that keep coming around.

Found some Dr. Squatch soap, for when that musky smell of his gets too much even for him.

And when it came time to check out, his fingers were too big to press those tiny little buttons, he was quite frustrated until someone stepped up and pressed the buttons for him.


He was checking out the snack cakes for those late night in the woods when he had some fans eager to visit with him.

Walking down the bread aisle at the local Stilwell Wal-Mart, nothing like stocking up on supplies for the long nights in the woods.

Bigfoot even looked at the new flat screen televisions, maybe an upgrade to his cave with a bigger television.

Bigfoot was thirsty after all the shopping, and decided to get a Root Beer at the Stilwell Sonic.

And then went down to hang out at Fletcher's City Park to stretch his legs before heading back to the woods.

And hopefully the Stilwell Police don't come looking for Bigfoot for playing on the playground equipment.